Trip Report – Las Vegas

How does half of Buena Vista Games (and a few random stragglers) end up in Vegas you ask?  Here’s how it all unfolded: There I was, casually strolling into the Buena Vista Games men’s room to resolve the open issues I was having with a half-gallon of iced tea … when from nowhere, Luigi comes bounding out of the production cubical labyrinth in a full gallop towards the men’s room door.  Naturally, I freaked.  Oddly, my immediate impulse was to stop, drop and roll, but soon realized that such action was the appropriate response to the lesser crisis of being caught suddenly engulfed in flames.  Now, without a backup reaction, I had little choice but to carry on with my little scheme and proceeded inside knowing that all hopes of having a moment of solitude were dashed.

First Impression


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Hawaii Trip Report: Maui

I remember stepping off of the camel, and there was ice everywhere. Pulling my parka close and, yes, avoiding the landmines, I gingerly plodded ahead, through the crowds and the noise and the filth . . . stumbling, me, Suzie, and the camel. . . on to the road to Hana.

The road, all 3.5 meters of it, was long and winding, of course. The smell of diesel fuel and cheap gin joints permeated the freezing cold night air.

Road to Hana

The most striking thing about the crowded streets of Hana is the NOISE! I had just about everything in my backpack stuffed into one ear or another, and I just couldn’t hear myself think. Often I sat in a frenzied stupor, gazing across the flat barren landscape, when some local would offer up yet another cement lollipop …

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