The Effective Travel Gadgets to Use During Your Trip

Having money or visas is not fit for a perfect trip. Traveling to various places by whichever means of transport requires one to have travel gadgets in order to have fun. You need to rent a vehicle to enhance your travel to various destinations. The following are the travel gadgets to use during your trip:

Trip Report – Las Vegas

How does half of Buena Vista Games (and a few random stragglers) end up in Vegas you ask?  Here’s how it all unfolded: There I was, casually strolling into the Buena Vista Games men’s room to resolve the open issues I was having with a half-gallon of iced tea … when from nowhere, Luigi comes

Hawaii Trip Report: Maui

I remember stepping off of the camel, and there was ice everywhere. Pulling my parka close and, yes, avoiding the landmines, I gingerly plodded ahead, through the crowds and the noise and the filth . . . stumbling, me, Suzie, and the camel. . . on to the road to Hana. The road, all 3.5